Falling For You

Hey Huns. So, I need advice, pretty pretty please. Here's the stitch: I'm falling for my best guy friend. I didn't mean for it to be like this. He doesn't know, and I'm terrified of him finding out. Now usually, I can just tell a guy how I feel. But there is so much more at stake here. There is no way I could handle losing our friendship. He's just so sweet and funny and he gets me. I'm crazy, I'm going crazy; I swear to god I am. Help me guys. What do I do? Someone once told me love is all about risks, but is our friendship worth the risk?

With tons of love,
Em <3

Ps. If you have advice you can comment below orrrr email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com <3


Things That Are Different

Hello sweetpeas! Sorry I haven't written in basically, well, forever. I guess teachers believe that we don't deserve lives (even if mine is writing about my experiences to people I've never met before). Anywho, since the end of the year is coming up, I thought I would make a list (I LOVE lists <3) of things that have changed in my life since this time last year. Possibly I will make another post with lessons I have learned in 2014. So comment if you want that. Or comment if you want something else. Comment if you like cats. Or you could just comment! Oh or you could email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. Wow, I am getting super distracted. I'm just soooo happy to be posting again. Okay Em, pull it together and focus. The list. Right. Here we go:

2. I have a different group of friends.
3. I rarely ever draw now.
4. I am less naïve.
5. I am generally always, always stressed.
6. I feel as though I don't quite fit in.
7.I crush on people who actually know I'm alive.
8. But, I am way less boy crazy (lol as I say that I am planning a post to tell you guys about my "love life")
9. Drama. Drama everywhere.
10. And the lovely lack of free time that comes with high school...

With tons of love,
Emma <3


Late Halloween

Hola Chicas. So, how was your Halloween?! Did you go trick or treating? Did you stay home and eat candy and watch a movie? (Both of those sound fun right about now) I went trick or treating with a big group of friends at my friends house. It was soooo much fun. We were running and skipping and yelling, and just generally being crazy. I got so much candy (But sadly, its all gone now). After we got back, we watched a scary movie. I got picked up, and then when I got home I ate myself into a sugar coma. Fun times. So, I love ya bunches!

With tons of love,
Em <3

Ps. Email me (for advice, ask me questions, idk) at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. I love to talk!

Uhm, What Do You Think You're Doing?

Hi Beautifuls!! So this is a (jazz hands) sort of rant post. The other night, my best friends boyfriend messaged me. I'm not his biggest fan, but I was like whatever, and said hey. We were talking for a bit, and then he started talking about how my bestie and him got in a fight. Fine. I just told him I don't really want to get into it. Then, the little idiot, even though I POLITELY TOLD HIM TO STOPPPPP, said "I JUST GOT MAD AT HER AND NOW SHE'S THROWING A LIL HISSY FIT" (not originally in caps, that was for emphasis). Thats when I totally Flipped. Out. I told him to go vent to somebody else and shut his face, cuz I don't want to hear it, and if you want support you're definitely not gonna get it from me. Yeahhhh, that was fun...

With tons of love,
Emmy :)


A Poem Yours Truly Wrote!

Hello dahlingss! So, I haven't posted in a while, but I thought today that I would post a poem that I (yes ME :D) wrote.

Sitting with a lovestruck smile, high up on cloud nine
Convinced that she's in love with him, only perfect signs
Bright green leaves rustle in the early summer breeze
Conversations come with a sweetness and ease
She expected the change of the seasons, but never of his mind
Always wishing, hoping, praying she could hit rewind

Heartache since has faded slow
No longer at her deepest low
Autumn leaves flutter down with a poise and grace
The once lovestruck girl has found her place
Shaking off and leaving behind
The boy who made her want to hit rewind

Thats it... I love you always!!! Mwah!

With tons of love,
Em <3


Spirit Week!!!

Hello my babes! Are you having a good Saturday? So last week at my school, IT WAS SPIRIT WEEK 2014!!!!! I loved it so much, I can't even (going total white girl right there). We had mix match day, sports day, super hero day, decades day, and color day. The main day was color day, which was Friday. All the different grades have different colors, and in the afternoon we had a pep rally. Thr uperclassmen tagged freshmen with glitter and silly string in the halls (some people got wicked pissed about that, but I thought it was funny). The pep rally was so loud and awesome. Everyone was jumping around and doing their class chant. There were a couple performances that were very good. Overall, I thought spirit week and the pep rally were freaking amazing. Did/do you guys like spirit week? Comment below. Love ya!!!!

With tons of love,
Emmy <3


50 Random Facts About Me

Hey sweets. So in honor of fun fact Friday (I totally just made that up), I am gonna do 50 random facts about me! :D

1. I am obsessed with microwave popcorn
2. I love wedding shows on TLC
3. My shirts in my closet have to be in rainbow order
4. I love doing laundry
5. I had my first kiss last summer (summer before freshman year)
6. I am one of the youngest kids in my grade
7. I have lived in the same town and house my whole life
8. I have dark brown wavy hair to the middle of my back
9. The first time I rode a two wheel bike, I crashed into a swing set
10. I really hate English class
11. When I was little, I was afraid of bald men
12. I wear a necklace that I haven't taken off for almost five month now
13. I have been vegetarian since I was ten
14. I love formal and semi formal dresses
15. When I shower, I like to do everything twice (shave, wash my hair, wash my body, ect)
16. Procrastination is a huge problem for me
17. The only sport I understand the rules of is track
18. I met one of my best friends when I knocked myself out (unintentionally) on the monkey bars in second grade
19. I really can't stand zip up sweatshirts
20. I went on my first roller coster ever last fall
21. I am pretty much a stereotypical white girl
22. I was bullied fourth through sixth grade
23. I was best artist in my school superlatives last year
24. I can read for a whole day without stopping for anything
25. I hate to eat breakfast on school morning, because it makes me feel sick, and avoid it if its possible
26. I used to wear glasses, but now I wear contacts
27. I listen to music when I can
28. Carrots make me throw up
29. I have never broken a bone
30. Cotton candy is my bae
31. I have been playing piano for five years
32. I have no singing ability. At all.
33. I love public speaking. Really.
34. I have never gotten below a B in school
34. Last year, I won a drawing contest
35. I drink tea all the time
36. I have had two sort of boyfriends
37. I have three best friends
38. I love playing pick up games of anything, but not actual games
39. I have trouble falling asleep
40. Taylor Swift songs are my addiction
41. Me and my best friends have matching tee shirts
42. I don't like watching movies
43. When I was little, I collected stuffed animals, and now I have like 60
44. Biology is my favorite class
45. I have a super bad temper, and I don't get mad easily, but when I do its bad
46. My iPod is almost always attached to me
47. I was kicked out of ballet when I was seven
48. I am known as the robot or the bunny child by my friends
49. Me and my friends come up with codenames to talk about the guys we like
50. I spend most of my Friday nights at home watching Netflix

So these are my 50 random facts. What's a random fact about you? Share in the comments or email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com!! Love ya bunches!

With tons of love,
Em :)


Update of My Life

Hi beautifuls. So, I thought I would post to you guys because I am home sick today. I am so sorry I haven't  posted in a while, but the weeks get really busy. I thought today I would just give you and update on my life. Let's see, so I still like high school. The only bad thing is I barely get to see my sisters. Ive made new friends, but I still miss them like crazy. I am doing really well in school, so I'm wicked happy about that. I like this guy, and we text every day, and Im actually not shy with him. Uhmm, oh yeah, I got my Halloween costume. I'm being a witch for trick or treat (Yeah, I still go trick or treating) So thats about all thats new in my life. How bout you guys? I love y'alll

With tons of love,
Em <3


Sophomores :/

Hi beautifuls. So what I don't understand, is that in my school, sophomores hate freshman. LIKE DUDE, THREE MONTHS AGO YOU WERE A FRESHMAN, SO DO YOU WANNA, YA KNOW, SHUT YOUR FACE!!. Thanks ^-^
Kay, I'm done. That was my little rant for the day. Love ya!

With tons of love,
Emma :D


Hey guys. So the other night, I went to a party at my school. As you might already know, my ex was there. One of his best (He's single. I'm not that horrible of a person) friends came over to sit next to me. Now, me and this guy are sort of friends, but not super close. My ex was watching him come sit next to me, so I decided to flirt with the guy. A lot. With the fully eye batting, hair twirling, arm touching, chair scooting closer package. I just really wanted my ex to be jealous, and make him see that he didn't break me (Yeah haha thats a lie. He did.) This is bad, but not super bad. It gets worse. Today, my friend overheard this guy talking to his friends. Turns out, he's liked me since school started. I thought we were just friends. I. Am. A. Horrible. Person. Now he probably thinks I like him even though I was kindaaaaa just using him. Oops :(

Anyways, I wuv wou!

With tons of love,
Em <3

My Week

Hi honeys. So the week is finally done! Yay! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but I've been super busy... So one day this week was my birthday (14th)! I have to admit, I love having my birthday. Everyone wishes you a happy birthday, you get cards, and how could I forget... CAAAAKKKKEEEE!!! So that was pretty fun. I'm also having a party (woot woot) with my friends this weekend :) This week, I also went to like a banquet/party type thing at my school. Can I just say: super lame. We weren't allowed to dance, not a lot of people went, and of course, my ex was there (If you've ever heard the song Story Of Us by Taylor Swift, that was kind of the situation.... "Now I'm standing alone, in a crowded room, and we're not speaking. And I'm dying to know, is it killing you like its killing me") It was horrible. Today, I had tests in almost every single class. And its only the third week of school :'(
So that was my week, in a nutshell. I wished I had more time to post to you guys. How were you guys' weeks? Comment down below :) Oh, and alsoooo! Comment your blog URL, cuz I want to read you guys'! Ilyttmab babes ^-^

With tons of love,
Emmy :)


Just A Cool Quote

Hi cuties. So I found this pretty cool quote/poem thingy (I didn't come up with it), and I thought I'd share it with my babes :)

I love you just the way you are
but you don't see you like I do.
You shouldn't try so hard to be perfect.
Trust me, perfect should try to be you.

I think thats so cute! Anyways I love ya :)

With tons of love,
Emma <3



Hello my beautiful blogger babes (haha an alliteration. I am really too proud of myself right now). So tonight, I went to my first football game with a friend. And yeah, our football team is horrible, but I went to be social (instead of blogging all night like I usually do). So my friend's new boyfriend of legit three days was there. Guess who was ditched? If you guessed me, you win the prize. Most of the time, I didn't even know where she was. I found her again when it was time to go. That felt wonderful (sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell). Even though it was sort of funish, I kind of wish she stayed with me. Oh, and by the way we lost the game 14-0. GOOOO TEAM XD!!! Anyways, I love you my babes!

With tons of love,
Emmy :)


13 Lessons I Learned

Hi Sweeties. So, I will very soon be 14, as some of you already know :) My 13th year has been preeeeety crazy, and I've learned some important life lessons. So I'm going to share 13 of my lessons I've learned this year, ranging from serious to, ya know, not. Here we go!

1. If you can learn to laugh at yourself, nothing can embarrass you.
2. Boys will come and go, but your girls will ALWAYS be there.
3. A smile and a dance party can wake you up better than coffee ever will.
4. Even if you can't dance, you can still dance like and idiot and have fun.
5. Procrastination never really works. Like ever.
6. You don't have to straighten your hair ever day. There are other options.
7. Family is love. Family is important.
8. If you go on a foreign language trip, make sure you can actually speak it...
9. Once a player, he's always a player. They don't just "change"
10. Love yourself. You are perfectly imperfect.
11. Perfect doesn't equal happy.
12. Don't tie a mug to the drawstring of you favorite sweats. Just don't.
13. You get what you give. This applies to pretty much everything.

You guys are amazing and ily!!!!

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Just About Today :)

Hey Beyoootifuls! How was your day today? Mine felt sooo long, and I'm wicked glad I finished my ton of homework (cuz now I get to talk to you! My besties) Today was picture day (aka torture). I had to wait forever to get my picture taken, and it probably wasn't worth it. In most school pictures, I look like I want to hurt someone. The only good thing was we had shortened classes (woot woot) because of pictures. So yeah, basically, blogging right now has pretty much been the highlight of my day :) YOU GUYS ARE THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY!!! Oh yeah, and because of pictures we had a bunch of time in homeroom today (we don't usually have homeroom) Guess who's in my homeroom? My ex (from now on going to be referred to as "it". Just to let you know XD) At least tomorrow will be better :D I love you guys. Really. I do.

With tons of love,
Em  <3


Uh Oh?

Hey Babes. So, its not often that I ask for advice, but guys, I really need some. My best friend (or one of three) is in a relationship. And yeah, I've never really liked him, but I think things are getting bad. He'll yell at her for no reason (the most random things set him off), and he gets mad if she has to stop texting him (saying things like "Fine. I get that you don't want to talk to me...") He has a super scary temper that even I've seen. He is really clingy/controlling/mean, but she loves him. This is or could turn into and abusive relationship, but she really loves him. I don't want her to get hurt (obviously. Shes my best friend and I love her like a sister), but I don't know what to do? Do I bring it up to her? Is it NBD? Help. Pleaaaaase.

With tons of love,
Em <3

Long Weekend :)

Hi cuties! How was you guys' long weekend? Mine was amazing, but I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow. I want sleep! On Saturday, I went shopping with one of my best friends. I hadn't hung out with her in a while, so we had a ton to tall about. She slept over and we stayed up until 3 just talking and generally being idiots (Our motto is: Sleep is for the weak!) Then, for the other two days, I floated in my pool (One of the most relaxing things eva) Now its Monday night, and I'm getting ready for- sob - school tomorrow. Not that I don't like school. I have mixed feelings about it. Anyways, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! *mwah*

With tons of love,
Em <3

Ps. If you ever need someone to talk to, or a friend, I'm here. You can comment, or email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. Love ya, beyoooutifuls!


My First Day

Hey lovelies! So here I am, alive (yay), after a long first day of freshman year. My main goal for today was to survive, so I can check that off my list and wipe my brow (not that I actually am list checking or brow wiping). So, what should I tell you guys about. Hmm. Well, first, I only got lost once. That is pretty cool, being a "confused, nervous freshman" (as one of my teacher put it. Lunch was okay. I sat with my friend and some sophomores. My teachers were all super nice and friendly (Though it may just be what I call first day faking). I only saw my ex twice, but we have no classes together. The first day wasn't as bad as I thought. It almost wasn't worth all that freaking out, ya know?  The moral of the story is... (Drumroll please!) Don't freak out. I promise you, it is so much easier than you are imagining (And trust me, I got all those wacky freak out worthy scenario in my head too). So just breath girl. You got this :)

With tons of love,
Em <3

Ps. I just wanted to let you guys know, I checked "Survive the first day of high school", off my bucket list (which is in a previous post, if you were wondering) Thats it. I luv ya!!!


Thank You Guys!

Hi dearies! So I just wanted to make a quick post thanking my readers. If you're new here, or a reader, I really appreciate it. I never thought I would get so many page views in just a week. You guys aren't  just my readers, y'all are my new besties! I trust you and like sharing my life with you! I love you all so much. Anyways, don't forget that you are amazing and perfectly imperfect. xoxoxoxo

With tons of love,
Emmy <3


TMI post!

Hi babes! So today, I thought I would do a TMI post, because I just like you guys to know about me, plus I trust you guys :) This post has 50 questions, so I'm gonna get started. Lets do this!

1.What are you wearing?
A huge, gray t-shirt that has the name of a local college on it, and black, white, and pink plaid fuzzy PJ pants.

2. Ever been in love?
I think so, but I have never said I love you.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
Yeah, just this summer. I was dumped, and I like sat in my room crying for days. It was... Hard.

4. How tall are you?
5' 5.5". I hope I'm done XD

5. How much do you weigh?
100 pounds. I know thats not a lot, but according to the doc I'm still okay :)

6. Any tattoos?
Nah, just not my style.

7. Any piercings?
No. I'm a chicken and I wont even get my ears pierced.

8. OTP?
Hmmm. Spencer and Toby from Pretty Little Liars. They are so cute!!!

9. Favorite show?
I love Pretty Little Liars! Oh, and The Middle :)

10. Favorite Bands?
Okedokie, here we go. Daughtry, Lifehouse, Five for Fighting, Plain White Tees, Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts, The Script, and Train.

11. Something you miss?
Being a kid, when everything was black and white, ya know?

12. Favorite song?
Ugh, the hardest question. There are a few. Cold as You by Taylor Swift, Helium by Plain White Tees, Superman by Five for Fighting, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Amnesia by 5sos, Broken by Lifehouse, Breakeven by The Script, Let it Hurt by Rascal Flatts, Over You by Daughtry, and I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes.

13. How old are you?
13! Woot woot. Soon to be 14 :)

14. Zodiac sign?

15. Quality you look for in a partner?
Sweet and funny, someone I can be me around.

16. Favorite quote?
"Pick your head up princess; your tiara is falling." or "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: Slowly and then all at once"

17. Favorite actor?
Shay Mitchell :)

18. Favorite color?
Pink or blue. But not together.

19. Loud music or soft?
Depends on the situation. In the car- loud, radio in my room- soft, with earbuds in- loud.

20. Where do you go when you're sad?
For a run. Anywhere, just away.

21. How long do you take to shower?
Eh, about thirty minutes if I have enough time, or shorter if I don't.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
For school, it takes about an hour, but during the summer about five minutes XD

23. Ever been in a physical fight?
Nope, not even with my bro.

24. Turn ons?
Physical- Messy hair, playful eyes, nice legs, cute/shy smile. Dark hair for some reason.
Personality- Someone thats easy to talk to.

25. Turn offs?
Physical- Bad hygiene.
Personality- Someone thats full of themselves, or mean to other people.

26. The reason I joined Blogspot?
I thought it would be fun, and then I loved it :)

27. Fears?
Failure, spiders, not being good enough, wasting my life, and being rejected. Oh, and snakes.

28. Last thing that made you cry?
Figuring out two weeks ago that the reason my ex broke up with me is that he found someone else who was willing to go further than kissing with him (if ya know what I mean), and I wasn't.

29. Last time you said I love you?
To my parents like and hour ago. I tell them everyday.

30. Meaning behind your Blogspot name?
Well, I'm a teen, and I'm happy, so I'm just a happy teen. Get it?

31. Last book you read?
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter.

32. The book you are currently reading?
Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover also by Ally Carter.

33 . Last show you watched?
Say Yes To The Dress this morning. ^-^

34. Last person you talked to?
My mum.

35. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
She's my best friend :D

36. Favorite food?
Candy or cotton candy ice cream.

37. Place you want to visit?
Back to London, or Paris, or Florida.

38. Last place you were?
My Gram's house.

39. Do you have a crush?
Noooooooooo :(

40. Last time you kissed someone?
The beginning of July :(

41. Last time you were insulted?
I don't even remember.

42.  Favorite candy?
Sour gummy worms, Milk Duds, Starburst, and jelly beans.

43. What instruments do you play?
I play piano and I sing.... Until someone threatens to gag me. Yeah, I suck at singing.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry?
My silver starfish necklace. Its tiny, beautiful, and good luck.

45. Last sport you played?
Well I ran. Does that count?

46. Last song you sang?
Dear John by Taylor Swift.

47. Favorite pick up line?
Is it hot in here, or just you? ;D or Hey babe, I'm pretty sure you're lacking in Vitamin Me. XD

48. Have you ever used them?
Um nope haha

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?
I chilled with my cousins today, and the last time with a friend was a week ago.

50. Who should answer these questions next?
You guys! (readers)

I challenge you to comment the answers to any five you want below, or you can email the whole thing to me (or just five) to me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. I'd love to know about my readers, IDK, I just find random facts about people interested. So blow up my inbox guys. You have been challenged. Ilysm!

With tons of love,
Em :D

My Life Story :)

Hi beautifuls! So today, I am making a post about my life (so far) So lets get right into it!

I was born in September of 2000. I have a mom and a dad, plus an older brother. He is older than me by 18 months. I lived, and live in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

As a baby, I was (according to my parents) a good child. I slept through the night, which was really appreciated  because my brother didn't sleep. Like at all. He refused to sleep. Up until preschool, my brother was my best friend. We did everything together, and he always looked out for me (love him!).
In preschool and kindergarten, I was wicked shy. I had one best friend that I did everything with, and that was it.

In elementary school, I struggled a bit. I had attention problems, because the work they gave me was easy and boring. I became close friends with my neighbor in second grade, because we were in the same class, and also another girl who is still my best friend today. In fourth grade, I found a group of three friends. We were super tight, and like a mini clique. Things started to go bad when one of those girls started majorly bullying me. I got wicked insecure, and just general unhappy. In fifth grade, I tried to distance myself from her, but she still made fun of me. I made shaky friendships with the girls in my class, but I had no best friend. Also, in fifth grade I had my "first boyfriend". He asked me out in math and I said yes at recess. We dated for the whole recess period (15 minutes), then I broke up with him.

The summer before middle school, I had anxiety. I lost a ton of weight, and worried all the time. I felt sick to my stomach constantly, and had no appetite.  In sixth grade, the girl from fourth grade still bullied me. I had no self esteem, and my "friends" made fun of me behind my back. Also, this was the year my great-grandfather died. I had a really hard time with that. I focused really hard on my schoolwork, because it distracted me from everything. This is also the year I started track.  I instantly fell in love with running, and it was my escape. The summer after sixth grade, my British cousins came to stay with us. It was the first time we had ever met them, and a ton of fun.

Seventh grade is the year things really took a turn for the better. I met my sisters (well I already knew and was besties with one of them) during the first week of school. We instantly clicked, and we loved each other like true sisters. My teachers were amazing, and again I did track for my school. I had a major crush on this wicked short kid (don't know why I had to mention that he was short), and he was nice, but he didn't like me. At this point, no guys were ever interested in me. In seventh grade, I had my sisters, and also a wide circle of loving, true friends. I finally felt accepted. Also, this year I got all A's :) The summer after seventh grade, me and my family went to London. This was one of my favorite years.

Eighth grade was also an awesome year. I was in the same classes with my sisters, so i got to see them all the time. I became more happy, friendly, bubbly, and outgoing, because I was just comfortable with who I was finally. The girl from fourth grade had decided to leave me alone. I made tons of new friends that were in my classes. I had the best teachers. They loved me (except for one, but whatevs) I had crushes on various hot, popular guys, but there was a guy who was a bit different. My sister liked him, and we started chatting on Skype, and we instantly had a friendship. I could be crazy and silly with him, just like with my sisters. Before him, I had never felt that comfortable with a guy. We both liked each other, but never told each other. I felt super guilty for  liking him, because my sister was crazy about him. I never told anyone that I liked him, because i felt so guilty. Eventually, he asked me out. I said no, because I couldn't do that to my sister.  We had a fall out for a while. In eighth grade, my school art teacher convinced me to enter a contest. I entered a drawing, and I won. My parents and friends were so supportive and amazing, and I am so thankful for that. One of my sisters came with me to the awards show. I became known by my classmates for my art, and I even won the superlative "Best Artist" in the yearbook. I never imagined that I would get this far. I also was asked to help paint a mural in my school with a few other girls, and we became amazing friends. The previously mentioned guy asked me to semi, and he was my first boyfriend (its a long story, in the previous post if you're interested)

The summer after eighth grade, I had my first kiss, and my first heartbreak. He broke up with me, and it really hit me hard. I have since moved on, and spent a lot of time this summer with my best friends. They were the only therapy I need, and I am constantly laughing with them. I have been on a few adventure this summer, and its almost over. High school starts in a couple day, but I haven't had anxiety. I am mostly looking forward to the next part in my life :)

So this is my life, from start to now. The end had more details, because I remember more of what happened. Whats your life story? If you want, comment below or email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. Also, did you like this post? Should I do more like this? Anyways, I love you to the moon. And back :)

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Pa. The sisters I refer to in this post are  unbiological sisters. I have no biological sisters, only a brother.


#tbf: A Memory

Hello darlings! So yesterday, I totally meant to do a #tbt post, but things got crazy. So, I''m changing it and making it throw back Friday. Yay! So, today I'm going to think one of my favorite memories, and share it with you guys. Hmmmm.....

Okay, I got one. The second to last day of school. It was the day of graduation and our semi formal dance. I had my graduation in the morning at the auditorium, and I got my eighth grade diploma, plus an award for academic excellence. Then, my team (They split the grade into four teams) went outside. I took a bunch of pictures with my best friends and parents, talked to my teachers, and messed around with my galfriends. We were all so happy, and it was awesome. Then, all the parents left, and my team went inside.

We had what they call a team meeting, which is when the team (keep in mind, this is about ninety kids) squeeze into one classroom, and the teachers talk/give out awards and stuff. The room was packed, and there were people sitting on the counters and on desks. I sat with my group of friends (a mix of guys and girl) on the counters. I was sitting with two of my best friends on either side, but one of the switched so I was sitting next to my semi formal date (we were going as friends at the time, but I secretly liked him) My friends all knew I liked him, and they were like shoving me into him. He leaned close, because the room was wicked loud, and said "Oh, yeah, I really like you". I was so crazy happy, but I'm wicked like shy and awkward so I didn't tell him I liked him too (Yet. Trust me, I fix this). I sort of snuggled closer to him though, and the teacher started talking, saying how much they would miss us ect. They started giving out the awards, and after a couple, my math teacher was giving out the award for best effort in Algebra. She started saying how this student always really tried, and how she had noticed. I thought that the award was going to this other girl in my algebra class, so I was wicked surprised when it was me. My friends congratulated  me, and I walked up (admittedly tripping over legs and chairs on the way) to get the award. They gave out a few more awards, and then it was over. Everyone started leaving the classroom, so I didn't get a chance to talk to my semi date/crush.

After that, the whole eighth grade class went outside for an ice cream party. I sat in the field, surrounded by my girls. I was telling the ones that weren't on my team the story of what happened between me and my crush at the meeting, and when I got to the part about not saying it back, the freaked out. They said he probably thought he was rejected, and that I had to go tell him.
He was with a bunch of his guy friends. It was really intimidating to go over there, but I walked up to him, and whispered in his ear, "By the way, I like you too" . Then, he said that he already knew, because on of my friends told him. I was ready to kill her, but it all worked out so I restrained.

(Wow this is getting long)

The school day was over. I went home, and I got ready for the dance. I loved my dress. It was short and sparkly and neon pink. We left for the dance, and again I took a bunch of pictures with my friends. I didn't take one with my date, because my parents didn't like him and he knew, so he avoided me. We went inside, and my date was still with his guy friends, so I said hi to him, and then went to dance with my friends. We did the Macarena, the Cotton Eye Joe, the Cha Cha Slide, and the Cupid Shuffle. They had a big screen with live videos on it, and at one point me and my friend were on it doing the Cupid Shuffle. After the dances with my friends, my date found me. We went to get water in the cafe, and just talked. He heard a slow song come on, and he asked me to dance. We went back in, and slow danced (Fun fact: The song was Stay With Me by Sam Smith. IDK why I remember that) My friend who didn't have a date was kind of third wheeling it with us, but most of the time I didn't  mind. One time though, me and my date were in the cafe, and I was drinking water again. She came in, and asked me to go dance. I told her that I was drinking my water, and that I'd come when I was done, and she snapped "Well hurry up" and dumped my cup of water down the front of my dress.  Yeah. Fun. My date was about to kick her a**, but I told her to go away. Uhmm, what else happened. Oh, my friend who moved away flew up for the dance, so it was great to see her again. I had so much fun dancing stupidly with my galfriends (because I cant dance. At all. So I just have fun) After the dance was over, I had a new boyfriend, and a great memory with my best friends.

It was so amazing to have something to remember, and It was just a perfect day. I have since been broken up with by aforementioned boy, and I really hate his guts now, but its still a good memory. I was perfectly happy, and I love thinking back to this day when I'm having a not so good day. So yeah, this is one of my favorite memories. What's yours? Comment below or email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. Oh, and sorry this is such a long post. Love ya!

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Freaking Out

Hi guys! So, as you may already know, I am going to high school in a few days (Five, to be exact) I don't know why, but today I just really started being stressed and having anxiety. I was going crazy, so you know how I dealt? I went for a run. Usually in the summer, my bodies like, bleh exercise. But today I ran for 3 miles. My worries about being a freshman drowned out my body's complaints. Also, by the time I was done I felt totally like chill. It was awesome.

So, if your stressing out about something, try exercise. It totally worked for me. What do you guys do to calm down when your stressed? I'd love to know! Comment below or email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. Oh, and I wuv you! ^-^

With tons of love,
Emma <3


Secrets (shhh)

Hi cuties! So you know what they say, secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone (That was, like, the ultimate comeback in elementary school. Ah, memories). Because I don't know any of you in real life, and you have no idea who I am in real life, I thought I would share some secrets. Everyone loves secrets.

What to start with. Hm. Okay, I got one. Well, sort of two in one. The first part is that I loved my ex boyfriend. Yeah, I could never say it to him, and obviously he didn't feel the same. Back when weren't    dating (just friends who liked each other, but never told each other, just sort of always knew. Does that make sense? Probably not), we had, like, this weird connection. We could talk about everything, and he could always make me laugh. He was so sweet, and we actually talked, like good conversation. We had a ton in common, and a super great friendship. It makes sense that I would fall in love with him. To quote the most wonderous book ever "I fell in love with him the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." We then had a months long fall out, and then by the time we dated it was never the same. The second part of this secret (By the way, not even my sisters know either part of this secret. You guys should feel special) is that I miss him. Really, really miss him wicked bad. I miss waking up to the kiss emojis, and having my first kiss, and holding hands, and being called beautiful. I miss being wanted. I miss talking to him. Sometimes, something will happen to me that I know he'd understand, or that I really want to tell him, but we aren't even talking anymore. The really sad part: he doesn't feel the same way at all. He doesn't care. He broke up with me for another girl, and didn't even have the guts to tell me that was why. He doesn't deserve to be missed; he deserves to be hated. But I cant. I just cant't

My second secret: I am not half as happy as I seem at school. I have gotten very good at faking smiles. I don't have any huge, major life problems, but even when something is bothering me I don't show it. I can't be sad or upset. My sisters, my friends, need my happiness. They have so much unhappiness, and I am their rock. I can't be upset too, I have to be there for them. My two biggest lies are "I'm okay", and "Its fine". Its hard to explain, but I did the best job I could.

Okay. Two down, one to go. Yay! My last secret is I struggle with perfection. I aim for perfect, and when I don't get there, I hate myself. The two options in my brain are Perfect or Failure. It makes life really hard sometimes, and I have been working on getting rid of being a perfectionist. It is better than it was in the past, but it is still there. Also, a side secret on this one is that I feel like I'm never good enough. Not for my parents, not for my friends, not for boys, and not for me. Yeah. Fun.

See? That was fun. Very... Therapeutic almost. Thanks for being my therapist guys. By the way, I love you all :) Thank you for reading! If you're new here, or if you've been here, thank you so much! It means a ton. Comment questions about me down below for my question post, or email them to me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. You can also email me for  advice about ANYTHING. Seriously, I give great advice, plus I love to talk. So blow up my inbox pretty please ^-^

With tons of love,
Emma <3

My Backpack Essentials

Hello darlings! Today, I thought I'd share with you the must haves I have in my backpack. Enjoy babes!

Homework Folder- Well, yeah. Kinda obvious. I have a durable plastic neon pink one (I love pink!)
Agenda- I am seriously so forgetful. I would probably forget half my homework if I didn't use this every day. Not even kidding...
Pencil Case- Again, kind of obvious
EOS Lip Balm- I hate when my lips get chapped, and start hurting, so I carry one of these everywhere. Its the best lip balm I've used. Right now, I have the summer fruit one. Yummy :)
Travel Sized Moisturizer- No scent (my school is scent free), but its super helpful when you notice you have dry hands.
Elephant Beanie Baby- Now, this one has a story. Last year, my friends and me passed him around. The game was that you had to pass him on without the passee noticing the passer. I got him on the last day of school, so he has been chilling the summer with me. Once school starts, he will be passes on (By the way, his name is Peanuts)
Phone- Even though my phone is a dinosaur, I cant live without it. It is attached to my hand like 24/7.
iPod with Earbuds- I would go crazy without music, and I hate the days I forget my earbuds. I am literally depressed for the rest of the day. Not good.
Lunch- I love food, and I get hangry without it. Unless you want to see me, like, attack someone, I should probably have lunch.
Hair Brush- My hair has a tendency to get a bit, uhm, creative by lunch time, so this helps control it.
Bobby Pins- Again, helps deal with the creative hair.

Yep, thats about it :)

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Ps. Comment questions for a questions post down below or email them to me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com. Kisses! I love you all!!


My Favorites

Hi girlies! Today, I'm gonna share my favorites of a lot of  different stuff (Yep, that clears it up) Comment down below what your favorites are. Also, ask me questions. If I get any, I'll make a separate post answering them. Anyways, here we go :)


FOOD- Cotton candy ice cream. Its the delicious taste of cotton candy (SUGAR!), and the cold treat of ice cream all in one! Mmhhhhm
SONG- Hmm. This is really hard, since I love music. Probably either Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift, or A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope. Ooh, or  September by Daughtry. I can't pick.
ARTIST- Definitely Taylor Swift.... #Swiftieforlife (Why the heck did I just use a hashtag?)
CLASS- Either art (I love to draw), or math (What can I say, I'm a nerd)
COLOR- Well, blue is my favorite, but I like to wear pink better. So blue and pink?
BOOK- The Fault In Our Stars. *Sobs* It changed me. Its so amazing, its getting its own post later.
SPORT- To watch or play? To watch: Soccer. Soccer players are yummy :) To play: Track. I am a total runner chick.
SHOW- Pretty Little liars. Who is A anyways. Just kidding, I read the books so I know...
MOVIE- Uhm, I have watched two movies in the pat year. Not a big movies girl. But Frozen. I still want a reindeer.
STORE- This is hard. I have three favorites: Marshalls, American Eagle, and Aeropostale.
PLACE- 100% the beach. No doubts.

Anyways, thats about it. Can you guys think of any more? What are your favorites. I'd love to know :D

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Ps. Dont forget the questions about me for a separate post!! Pretty please with a cherry on top?


My Unbiological Sisters

Hello sweeties. As a shy seventh grader, I was lucky to find the best group of friends ever. There are four of us, and we call ourselves the sisters (Yeah, we even have official shirts and everything. We're cool. Just kidding, we're awesomely uncool). My sisters each have taught me a different lesson, and have helped me grow in so many ways (Woah, this is starting to sound like my English paper a bit) I'm gonna share with you the wise lessons I have learned from my friends.

Friend #1:
She is the person I can relate to most out of the sisters. While the other two totally understand each other, we totally understand each other. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and also the friendliest. She is the only person (outside family) that has ever seen me cry. She is always there for me, and knows exactly what to say. The main lesson this girl has taught me though, is optimism. Even if her world is coming crashing down around her feet, she always has a smile, and hope for tomorrow. She understands that hope isn't a weakness; its what keeps us going. Smart girl, she is.

Friend #2
She is the friend I have had since second grade. Even though we didn't see each other as much last year, we stayed close as ever. She is the one that has lived my past with me. She has struggled a lot in the past. She has anxiety attacks, and has self harmed quite a bit. With this comes the main lesson she has taught me: Strength. She has been strong enough to keep living, even with the things she deals with. She has stopped cutting, even though I know its hard for her. She is one of the strongest girl I have ever known.

Friend #3
Even though we may not have the same interests, she always knows what I'm thinking before I do. She gives the best advice, even if its not what you want to hear. She follows her hobbies and interests, even if its not considered "cool", and proudly accepts them. She can always make the group laugh, A classic comedian. She has no idea how amazing a person she is, even though we have all told her multiple time. The main lesson I have learned from her is how to be yourself. She has realized that life is a lot more fun being who you want, not who everyone else wants you to be. She is brave.

My sisters are some pretty amazing gals, huh? :)

With tons of love,
Emma :)

Back To School Shopping

Hiya lovelies. This post is about clothes (I. Love. Clothes), but more specifically my back to school shopping.
 This year, I was given a budget of 200 dollars, not including school suppiles, a backpack, shoes. So with my reluctant attidude (I love shopping, but its hard to find stuff that fits, and i get aggraved fast. Very fast.), I headed to the stores. First stop: Kohls. Great for the basics, I got new camis (Goodbye old fallen apart ones, finally), a pair of navy Keds (Omg, I LOVE THESE), nike running shoes for gym (By the way, I didn't even sign up for gym. I signed up for art. Yay me :/ ), and black leggings. Next, we headed for the outlets. After trying on fifteen pairs of jeans from Aero (No, I'm not exaggerating. For all society idolizes tall skinny people, they don't make clothes for them), I ended up with two pair to add to my collection.  I also got an awesome cream open knit cardigan. At Old Navy, I found a wicked cute maroon dress. Hello first day of school outfit, with a denim jacket and my Keds :) After a tiring day shopping, I have most of the stuff I need. I still need new shirts, which are easy to find at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I'll get accessories  (meaning scarves) when I go to the mall with my besties this weekend.
In the end, I got some amazing deals, and most of my clothes. A productive day? Check.

With tons of love
Emma :)


Bucket List

Hola chica's! This is a post of my bucket list that will be updated as I think of new things :) I hope I inspire you to add some things to your bucket list. Oh, and the ones with the little star thingy next to them? Those are things that I have checked off. Enjoy!

1. Have a paint ballon fight with my best friends
2. Grow old with my best friends
3. Go to prom
4. Kiss underwater
5. Go zip lining*
6. Jump in a pool fully clothed*
7. Travel to all 50 states
8. Write a letter to myself and open in 10 years
9. Have a pen pal*
10. Go to London*
11. Tour Europe
12. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel*
13. Go up the Eiffel Tower
14. Put a lock on the lock bridge in Paris
15. Get married to the love of my life
16. Tell my life story to my grandchildren
17. Become a popular blogger
18. Survive high school
19. Do what I love when I grow up
20. Go to college
21. Have my dream home
22. Ride a double decker bus in London*
23. Do a best friend photo shoot*
24. Go to a dance*
25. Pass English with an A*
26. Adopt a dog*
27. Play messy twister
28. Stay up for 24 hours*
29. Learn how to play piano*
30. Party on New Years Eve*
31. Go to a house party*
32. Throw a surprise birthday party*
33. Keep this blog running*
34. Go to California
35. Learn to surf
36. Have a beach house
37. Be in love
38. Have a Disney movie marathon with my boyfriend
39. Get roses on Valentine's day
40. Go on a cruise
41. Ride in a limo*
42. Be in a wedding*
43. Go to a beach bonfire
44. Play piano for a nursing home*
45. Dance under the stars*
46. Learn how to draw well*
47. Go to the Bahamas
48. Redesign my room*
49. Get my drivers license
50. Live to see Cancer cured
51. Thank a 9/11 hero
52. Go to the beach with my best friend*
53. Work as Snow White at Disney World
54. Visit the Up House
55. Send a message in a bottle
56. Go to Florida
57. Go to Canada*
58. Cuddle on a snowy day
59. Go ice skating*
60. Go to a concert*
61. Meet Taylor Swift
62. Survive the first day of high school*
63. Go trick or treating with a group costume*
64. Make cookies with my friends*
65. Be able to run a mile easily*
66. Play piano while my friend sings*
67. Make a friendship bracelet*
68. Paint a mural*
69. Solve a Rubix cube by myself
70. Get a henna tattoo
71. Party over spring break
72. Have a summer romance*
73. Play spin the bottle*
74. Live my life
75. Die with no regrets
76. Have a high school sweetheart
77. Be part of a flash mob
78. Grow taller
79. Become a better dancer
80. Let my hair get wicked long
81. Ride in a helicopter*
82. Stop swearing so much
83. Have a boyfriend who is taller than me
84. Take all advanced classes*
85. Make the high school track team

To be continued....

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Ps. Comment a couple from your bucket list :)


Hi chickadees! So, as y'all (I'm not southern; I just love to say y'all. Y'all") may know from the first post, I am part of the new freshman class. Yay! Even though I'm wicked excited, I gotta say, I'm totally nervous. New teachers, new building, and, uhm, no friends in my classes. Now, I love talking to new people more than most people, but still. Its awkward. I am holding on to that one period (Biology) that I know I have with an eighth grade friend. Phew. The other worry: what if I have classes with my ex? Guess I'll just have to wait and see. Even if I do, I'm sure we'll have a fun year completely ignoring each other. I have a goal for freshman year: become the best me ever, and have the best year ever. And I'm not talking just grades-wise. I'm gonna try out for the track team (Totally scary as a freshman), and try to enter some art contests. I'm going to become more outgoing. Also, less shy and akwo around guys (A girl can dream).  Hey, I have nothing to worry about. I think.

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Skinny Haters

Hello darlings! The topic of this post is skinny haters, some truely trying to hurt me, and some that thought that was a okay comment to make (Newsflash: It wasn't)
My whole life I have been tall and lean. I eat a ton, and can eat whatever I want. I get it from my Dad, and most of the time I'm okay with it. I used to hate it, but now I've grown to love my body. With that love comes hate. Whenever some girl I barely know makes the comment "Eat a sandwich", I just laugh. I mean, gurl, I already ate a sandwich... and another, and chips, and doritos, and strawberries, and cookies. Even though I'm laughing, it hurts a little ittle bit. Why can't people just accept all body types? I don't get it :(
The comment that really hurt though was my best friends brother. I was talking about food with her mother, when her brother chimes in "She thinks you're anorexic". Seriously. I eat a TON. I am like a black hole of food consumption. I have never had a eating disorder in my life, and I am still at a healthy weight for my height and age (Doc says) My best friend quickly told him to shut up, and that that was as far from the truth as you could get, but guess what? It hurt.
Even though there are gonna be haters, I still love me. I'm perfectly imperfect, just like everyone else on this Earth. The moral of the story? Love yourself, and then it doesn't matter what people think.

With tons of love,
Emma <3

Ps. Comment! I love to talk :)


Being Single :)

Hello Loves :) So after my first post, I thought "Wow, this is fun! Lets do another!" Plus, I can't sleep.  But anyways, here I am. Now, as you can probably tell from the title, this post is about being single.(If you guessed that was the topic already, you're such a smarty)
Having the single status again can be awesome, but, quite honestly, it can also be down right depressing. While all my friends have loving boyfriends, I have a stupid cheating ex. Group  get-togethers are awkward when their boyfriends are invited (I'll just go sit alone in a corner with my Ben & Jerry's) As much as I complain about it though, being single has some perks. For example, that drool worthy guy at the beach. Yeah, my friends can drool, but because I was actually single (and brave for, like, the first time in my life), I could actually flirt with him. No guilt attached. Also, even though being called beautiful, amazing and pretty by a guy totally rocks, I think its important for me to work on feeling that way myself, without any guy necessary (I know, girl power much?) I'm not saying if a new guy comes knocking, I'm gonna send him away. But for right now? I think I can handle being a single pringle.

With tons of love,
Emma :)

My First Post!

Hi everyone! If you're reading this, well thank you. I'm flattered ^-^. This blog is gonna be about my Teenage Experience (jazz hands!). I'm just your average teenager girl. Because this is my first post (Uhm, YAY!), I'll tell you a bit about myself. Where do I start... I'm loud, bubbly, outgoing, and happy, like, almost all the time. I have a loving family, and the most amazing group of unbiological sisters a gal could dream of. I  was very recently dumped, but I'm all good now (God, he was an idiot. Live and learn, right?). I am obsessed with drawing, and piano. I love all music in general. 98 percent of the time, I am listening to music (Thats just an estimate. Or a guess. Ooh, a guesstimate!) I am starting freshman year in about a week! Goooo freshman! I am one of those kids who loves school, but, man, i HATE waking up early. Five o'clock is just crazy. No one should be up at that early hour. I'm gonna miss summer, and more importantly sleeping till its early afternoon. But i get sidetracked (I do that a lot in case you haven't noticed). Oh, I am a huge girly girl. Like, Starbucks and dresses and puppies all the way bro. That pretty much me in a quick nutshell. If you have any question, or want to know anything, comment below (As long as its not like creepy weirdo/stalker type stuff) Also, comment a bit about yourself. I'd love to know about you guys :)

With tons of love,
Emma <3