2 Days Down, 178 To Go

Hey hey hey!! How are you? I hope you're all doing good! I just wanted to post a little life update, cause things have happened (lol that sounds so dramatic).
So today I had my second day of school. I survived but I can already tell this year is gonna be tough. I have all honors and AP classes, and I've already had a ton of homework (not even including summer work). I like most of my teachers though, which makes classes better. OH and this year I drive to school instead of taking the bus which makes life so much better. My hatred for the bus is unrivaled by almost everything on this Earth.
 I have a drawing class to which I'm super pumped about. I got special permission from the art department to take drawing since technically I don't have enough credits to take it yet. I love drawing so much; it's my favorite art form. I don't think I've talked about art much on here, but I'm very involved in the fine arts, and it is honestly one of my passions. I'm even considering minoring in fine arts in college. Wow I've gotten off track. Anyways, I don't have any friends in my drawing class but I don't even mind. I'd rather be alone at a table and be able to work without distractions, if I'm being honest. At least in an art class. I love my precalc teacher, and so far I really like the class. Hmm what else. I do have seven classes total, but nothing very interesting has happened yet in any others.
I hope your first day of school goes or went well!! Peace out from a very tired junior :)

With tons of love,

ps. Go check out my highlights of summer if you haven't already.. one post down ;)