Merry Christmas!

Hi babes! Merry Christmas to all of my Christmas celebrating babes out there, and Happy Holidays to those that don't celebrate Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of family, friends, laughter, and of course, Christmas food. I love Christmas; it's my favorite holiday and I'm just really happy. I love you guys so much, like to the moon and back.
Happy holidays!
With tons and tons of love,

Ps. If you guys want like a holiday haul post, comment below, and I'd post it next Friday. Or if you have any other post you want,  just comment!


Spoilers: What I'm Getting People for Christmas!

Hey darlings! The holidays are soon approaching, and I've already planned out all of my gifts because I love Christmas, and I'm not about the last minute shopping life anyways. Maybe you could get some inspiration from these if you need it!

Kelly*-A Doctor Who travel mug
Okay so she is totally obsessed with Doctor Who, and she uses a travel mug every day. Obsession+ practical use= ah-maz-ing gift.

Elise- A cork board
I'm going to decorate it with lots of things that she likes, pictures of us, her fav quotes, etc. I'm so excited to give this to her!

Belle- An elephant tapestry
She loves elephants, and she always talks about how she wants her room to look Tumblr. What's more Tumblr than a tapestry?

Hazel actually is the only one of my friends who knows what my blog URL is, so I'm not gonna spoil what her present is. Hah! I'll tell you guys after I give it to her.

And all my other friends that aren't my best friends are getting food, because food is always a yes.

(*names have been changed to protect my friends' privacy and/or keep all this top secret information secret)

You guys are the best! Happy gifting!
With tons of love,
Em <3


Songs That Will Make Your Life Better

Hey chicas! This post is a playlist of amazing songs that have made my life better. Enjoy!

*Asleep- The Smiths
*How To Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds
*Fairytales and Firesides- Passenger
*Human- Christina Perri
*I Almost Do- Taylor Swift
*Yellow- Coldplay
*Hard Out Here- Lily Allen
*Angel with a Shotgun- The Cab
*Oblivion- Bastille
*You'll Be Okay- A Great Big World
*Greek Tragedy- The Wombats

I hope you like these and that they do make your life better as well.
With tons of love,
Emma <3

Ps. Comment your songs that have made your life better
Pps. Thank you to all of my new and old readers who take some time to read what I have to say :) It means so much to me, you don't even know. And if I can return the favor and read some of you guys' blogs, I would love to!


Tall Girl Problems

Hi sweethearts! I hope you're having a wonderful Friday. So, if you're tall, you'll completely feel this post. I'm with ya.

1. "Do you play basketball?"
2. Having to walk slower so the people you're with can keep up.
3. Talking to/ hugging/ basically anything with people who are at "boob height".
4. Dancng and/or stretching and hitting the celing fan.
5. Getting yelled at because all skirts and dresses are so damn short on you.
6. Having your head cut off in a mirror selfie.
7. Having to decide whether to crouch down or awkwardly tower over your friends when you take pictures
8. "You have the height to be a model."
9. Having to fight your friends for shotgun, and eventually playing the height card.
10. Trying to find a store that carries long jeans in store so you can try them on.

Even with these problems, I gotta say, I love being tall. What about you guys?
With tons of love,
Em <3