Spoilers: What I'm Getting People for Christmas!

Hey darlings! The holidays are soon approaching, and I've already planned out all of my gifts because I love Christmas, and I'm not about the last minute shopping life anyways. Maybe you could get some inspiration from these if you need it!

Kelly*-A Doctor Who travel mug
Okay so she is totally obsessed with Doctor Who, and she uses a travel mug every day. Obsession+ practical use= ah-maz-ing gift.

Elise- A cork board
I'm going to decorate it with lots of things that she likes, pictures of us, her fav quotes, etc. I'm so excited to give this to her!

Belle- An elephant tapestry
She loves elephants, and she always talks about how she wants her room to look Tumblr. What's more Tumblr than a tapestry?

Hazel actually is the only one of my friends who knows what my blog URL is, so I'm not gonna spoil what her present is. Hah! I'll tell you guys after I give it to her.

And all my other friends that aren't my best friends are getting food, because food is always a yes.

(*names have been changed to protect my friends' privacy and/or keep all this top secret information secret)

You guys are the best! Happy gifting!
With tons of love,
Em <3


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