A Poem Yours Truly Wrote!

Hello dahlingss! So, I haven't posted in a while, but I thought today that I would post a poem that I (yes ME :D) wrote.

Sitting with a lovestruck smile, high up on cloud nine
Convinced that she's in love with him, only perfect signs
Bright green leaves rustle in the early summer breeze
Conversations come with a sweetness and ease
She expected the change of the seasons, but never of his mind
Always wishing, hoping, praying she could hit rewind

Heartache since has faded slow
No longer at her deepest low
Autumn leaves flutter down with a poise and grace
The once lovestruck girl has found her place
Shaking off and leaving behind
The boy who made her want to hit rewind

Thats it... I love you always!!! Mwah!

With tons of love,
Em <3


Spirit Week!!!

Hello my babes! Are you having a good Saturday? So last week at my school, IT WAS SPIRIT WEEK 2014!!!!! I loved it so much, I can't even (going total white girl right there). We had mix match day, sports day, super hero day, decades day, and color day. The main day was color day, which was Friday. All the different grades have different colors, and in the afternoon we had a pep rally. Thr uperclassmen tagged freshmen with glitter and silly string in the halls (some people got wicked pissed about that, but I thought it was funny). The pep rally was so loud and awesome. Everyone was jumping around and doing their class chant. There were a couple performances that were very good. Overall, I thought spirit week and the pep rally were freaking amazing. Did/do you guys like spirit week? Comment below. Love ya!!!!

With tons of love,
Emmy <3


50 Random Facts About Me

Hey sweets. So in honor of fun fact Friday (I totally just made that up), I am gonna do 50 random facts about me! :D

1. I am obsessed with microwave popcorn
2. I love wedding shows on TLC
3. My shirts in my closet have to be in rainbow order
4. I love doing laundry
5. I had my first kiss last summer (summer before freshman year)
6. I am one of the youngest kids in my grade
7. I have lived in the same town and house my whole life
8. I have dark brown wavy hair to the middle of my back
9. The first time I rode a two wheel bike, I crashed into a swing set
10. I really hate English class
11. When I was little, I was afraid of bald men
12. I wear a necklace that I haven't taken off for almost five month now
13. I have been vegetarian since I was ten
14. I love formal and semi formal dresses
15. When I shower, I like to do everything twice (shave, wash my hair, wash my body, ect)
16. Procrastination is a huge problem for me
17. The only sport I understand the rules of is track
18. I met one of my best friends when I knocked myself out (unintentionally) on the monkey bars in second grade
19. I really can't stand zip up sweatshirts
20. I went on my first roller coster ever last fall
21. I am pretty much a stereotypical white girl
22. I was bullied fourth through sixth grade
23. I was best artist in my school superlatives last year
24. I can read for a whole day without stopping for anything
25. I hate to eat breakfast on school morning, because it makes me feel sick, and avoid it if its possible
26. I used to wear glasses, but now I wear contacts
27. I listen to music when I can
28. Carrots make me throw up
29. I have never broken a bone
30. Cotton candy is my bae
31. I have been playing piano for five years
32. I have no singing ability. At all.
33. I love public speaking. Really.
34. I have never gotten below a B in school
34. Last year, I won a drawing contest
35. I drink tea all the time
36. I have had two sort of boyfriends
37. I have three best friends
38. I love playing pick up games of anything, but not actual games
39. I have trouble falling asleep
40. Taylor Swift songs are my addiction
41. Me and my best friends have matching tee shirts
42. I don't like watching movies
43. When I was little, I collected stuffed animals, and now I have like 60
44. Biology is my favorite class
45. I have a super bad temper, and I don't get mad easily, but when I do its bad
46. My iPod is almost always attached to me
47. I was kicked out of ballet when I was seven
48. I am known as the robot or the bunny child by my friends
49. Me and my friends come up with codenames to talk about the guys we like
50. I spend most of my Friday nights at home watching Netflix

So these are my 50 random facts. What's a random fact about you? Share in the comments or email me at heyitsmissem@gmail.com!! Love ya bunches!

With tons of love,
Em :)