Hello friends! I HAVE SOME EXCITING VALENTINES DAY NEWS. I REPEAT, EXCITING VALENTINES DAY NEWS! Now I have to take deep breaths so I can write in sentences that actually make sense. In..... Out..... In.... Out. Okay: I have a boyfriend. Do y'all remember me telling you about the guy I like, the one that is/was one of my best friends. Yep, he asked me out like a hour ago. This is breaking news. Here's the story: So, yesterday, I wrote him a letter and gave it to him. It said that I liked him and sappy stuff blahblahblah. So after I practically threw the letter at him, I promptly ran away so he couldn't  have the chance to do what I thought he would do, which is give me a sympathetic smile and say he's not interested. Now, after the school day was done, I was a mess. A wreck (huge shoutout to my best babes who kept me from completely breaking down). I thought I f-ed everything up, and that thought was really upsetting because, as previously mentioned, he is one of my best friends. Well that night, there was a slight turn for the better. Well, two. One was that he filled out the "boyfriend application"(like a survey) me and my friend made as a joke, and sent it to me. Yep, all 80 questions. The second was he told said friend that he was going to ask me out on Valentines Day, but told her not to tell me (of course she did anyways). Soooo, fast forward to today at four in the morning. I was in my bathroom throwing up, because I was that nervous. After surviving the morning, I got a face time call from him. He said hey, and then say "Doyouwannagooutwithme?" In that moment, I could tell he was nervous too. I said yes, and then we just talked about random stuff for the rest of the call. I feel so safe and comfortable with him, which is new for me. This could be the start of something good. *sigh* Today has legit been so great, guys. Now, on to you guys? How has your Valentines Day been? I hope awesome, but as I know, it can be hard. My advice: Hang in there. Its one day. And you'll find your lobster, don't worry.

With tons and extra tons of love,
Em <3

Ps. Will you be my Valentine? ^.^