Tall Girl Problems

Hi sweethearts! I hope you're having a wonderful Friday. So, if you're tall, you'll completely feel this post. I'm with ya.

1. "Do you play basketball?"
2. Having to walk slower so the people you're with can keep up.
3. Talking to/ hugging/ basically anything with people who are at "boob height".
4. Dancng and/or stretching and hitting the celing fan.
5. Getting yelled at because all skirts and dresses are so damn short on you.
6. Having your head cut off in a mirror selfie.
7. Having to decide whether to crouch down or awkwardly tower over your friends when you take pictures
8. "You have the height to be a model."
9. Having to fight your friends for shotgun, and eventually playing the height card.
10. Trying to find a store that carries long jeans in store so you can try them on.

Even with these problems, I gotta say, I love being tall. What about you guys?
With tons of love,
Em <3


  1. I love this! Its honestly hilarious because I'm the exact opposite, I'm SO short and have always envied tall people! I guess different heights have their perks

    Noire Beau

    1. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence I guess XD