The Highlights of Summer '16

Hey guys! So, I'm sorry that this is coming to you a day late. I totally forgot yesterday, whoops. I know I said I would be doing back to school posts, but today I was looking through my pictures and feeling a lil sad that summer is coming to an end. I couldn't face making a back to school post, so I decided to make almost like a photo diary of the summer instead.
All these photos are my own.

On the last day of school, I hosted a party and me and my friends 
celebrated the end of the school year. We tried to take an ~artsy~ picture and this is what happened. I like it anyways.

 I went with my friends to watch the Old Home Days fireworks. They were
so impressive for our little town. My friend brought candy
and glow sticks, and we got super hopped up on sugar.

My friend, B*, convinced me that we should go see the sunrise at the beach. We woke
 up at 4 and drove to the beach. We brought a blanket, and had donuts and coffee
 for breakfast, and then went swimming. The beach was completely empty, 
and the sunrise was gorgeous. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I went to this stunning historic mansion on the beach that was built in the 1920s. 
The tour was so cool, and the views were, well, you can see. 

I celebrated the 4th with my friends and family and, of course, a ton of sparklers.

My family and I traveled to CANADA!

Niagara Falls to be exact. We went for a week, and it was one of the most 
beautiful places I have ever been.

The American Falls

The Canadian Falls

We watched the fireworks over the falls. The fireworks were incredible; 
I have never seen anything like them. It was perfect.

When we were in Canada, I saw my first Great Lake. I was awestruck. I could have
 sat on those rocks for hours. I mean, I've seen oceans before. But all of the lakes I've been to are minuscule in comparison to this one (Lake Ontario).

After we left Canada, we went to the mountains for the day. I love the mountains so much, 
and I look forward to going every year.

I went to the aquarium with my best friend, my brother, and his girlfriend. It was so cool,
 and my best friend had never been so it was fun to take her. After the aquarium, we 
wandered around the city, and got ice cream.

So those are my highlights of the summer. I have a ton of photos from this summer (almost 3,000), so it was hard to pick just thirteen. I have so many more great memories from this summer, so many more than I even have pictures of. I'm so happy that my summer turned out the way it did. It was full of adventure and beauty and trying new things. If you enjoyed this kind of post, let me know, and maybe I'll do more. I hope your summer is/was amazing, and I'd love to hear about it. Okay, now I really have to go do my summer work that I've been procrastinating doing.

With tons of love,

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