Back to School With Em: School Essentials

Hey smarties! It's (kind of) back to school season, and this year, I'm doing something cool: Back to School with Em!! This week's Back to School with Em post is a school essentials/must haves. These are my personal essentials; I'm not saying that you have to have this stuff. Without further ado (I literally had to look up how to spell ado. It's one of those things you always say, but then you're like wait what am I actually saying. Just me? Okay.) here are my school essentials!

A large backpack: Okay so some (a lot) of the girls at my school carry these little purses, and then hold their books/lunch/water/prettymucheverythingbecauseletsberealthosepursesaredamnsmall. I'm not about that life. I like to stuff everything in a large (preferably cute) backpack, hoist it onto my shoulders, and go on my way.

Chapstick: I've looked into it, and I'm pretty sure I'm actually addicted to chapstick (kidding) (well sort of)

Mechanical pencils: When the class of 2018 arrived at the high school building two years ago, many dazed and overwhelmed individuals jumped aboard the pen train. But not I. Not I.

My phone: I'm surprised I didn't think of this sooner, considering how addicted my mom thinks I am to it *insert teenage eye roll* How would I write down post ideas or communicate without it.

Earbuds: These go with the phone (duh).

Lunch: I get super hungry so yanno, food. I'm actually hungry right now... brb

Planner: I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to boring stuff. Sure, I can tell you what color shirt I was wearing on the first day of third grade (white, and it said 'I'm the queen' in glitter). When it comes to homework though, man. I couldn't remember for the life of me. So I write it down.

Hair ties: Once a want, now a need. I have a lab class (Chem) so I need hair ties, lest my hair gets burned off in a laboratory accident including hydrochloric acid and a clumsy lab partner...

The usual school supplies: To be honest, I couldn't be bothered to list them all out. School supplies don't really interest me, but judging from the amount of school supplies hauls on YouTube, I would say it interests other people. I wasn't planning on doing a school supply haul, but if you want one, comment down below.

I hope this post made you smile, inspired you, or at least made you feel a tiny bit better about going back to school. Stay tuned for more Back to School with Em posts, coming to you every Friday until September 2nd (or possibly later).

With tons of love,

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